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As the Client, are you under the age of 18?


Warranty & Care

Permanent Jewelry & Care

The term permanent jewelry was created by the jewelry industry to describe a piece of jewelry that does not have a clasp and uses a jewelry grade pulse welding machine to secure the jewelry, called "the service". Permanent Jewelry in its truest form is fine jewelry and requires the care equal to that of other removable fine jewelry. It is not indestructible and requires ongoing care and cleaning. Wear and tear beyond a reasonable timeframe may be experienced and the care of jewelry is the sole responsibility and ownership of "the Client".


Welding & Fit

  • Tighten/adjust fit after weld – if performed after weld, this is subject to a fee and/or total replacement of the chain charged to the Client.

  • Breakage of the weld within 14 days of service - One complimentary reweld at no cost. Proof of purchase required.

  • Breakage of the weld beyond 14 days of service –this is subject to a reweld fee. Proof of purchase required.

Jewelry – Chains, charms, or other additions

  • Breakage within 14 days of purchase – Subject to inspection of the chain AND Proof of Purchase, one complimentary repair or replacement of equal value or less may be offered

  • Breakage beyond 14 days of purchase – Quote to be provided upon inspection of the chain.

Disclosure & Waiver

I acknowledge that Issa Luma Jewelry ("ILJ") and it's affiliates are not responsible for any or all occurrences of an allergic reaction or skin irritation and/or potential medical attention to treat such. I am of good health and have advised ILJ of any and all medical conditions as "the Client" prior to receiving the service.


I am aware and understand that permanent jewelry requires a form of welding and such procedure encompasses a level of risk that may result in injury, pain, damage and/or loss. Notwithstanding the potential risks, I am voluntarily participating in and desire to obtain permanent jewelry with the knowledge of the potential risks and I have asked questions that allows me to make this decision.


I hereby consent to receive medical treatment during my participation in the procedure to obtain permanent jewelry and I am responsible for all costs of such medical treatment and any additional related expenses that may be incurred during and thereafter the medical treatment; releasing Issa Luma Jewelry and its affiliates from any claim based on such treatments.

I acknowledge that this waiver is in perpetuity, and should I participate in another activity in the future, I may be required to sign another waiver. The activity and all forms to/from this activity while in the presence of Issa Luma Jewelry or use of any and all jewelry purchased from Issa Luma Jewelry is governed only by the laws of the residing jurisdiction in which the service is taking place and of Laws of Ontario, Canada therefore absolving all other jurisdictional laws not mentioned.

I acknowledge that photographs and/or video maybe taken during my service or around the vicinity of my service by the staff of Issa Luma Jewelry. I or my likeness may be taken and may be used in publications, online, and in other communications related to the business of Issa Luma Jewelry and acknowledge that there will be no compensation of any form day of or any time in the future for the use of my likeness.

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