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  • What is Permanent Jewelry?
    Permanent Jewelry is jewelry, such as a bracelet, necklace or anklet, that is welded together using a special welding machine. This eliminates the need for a clasp, making it completely effortless and convenient, not to mention fashionable to wear.
  • What is the process that makes the jewelry become permanent?
    This involves connecting ends of a chain with a "jump ring" and pulse welding it. We carefully select "jump rings" that are the best match to the jewelry selected; this allows for a more seamless and beautiful end product. Additionally, for the pulse welding machine, we use state of the art, best in class, and the diamond standard equipment in the industry,
  • Is Permanent Jewelry truly permanent? What if I have to remove it?
    Despite the name used by the industry, permanent jewelry can be removed if need be. To preserve the integrity of your chain, it can be removed by cutting the "jump-ring" used to connect the ends of the chain together or come see us at a scheduled pop-up and we'll assist you at no cost.
  • Where can I find your products for in-person shopping?
    While we are a mobile studio and have pop-ups around the GTA area, you may find select and exclusive items in the following retail locations: Makers - Mapleview Mall, Burlington Makers - Vaughan Mills Shopping Center, Vaughan Click the link for our current Mobile Studio locations.
  • What is the difference between Gold Filled and Gold Plated?
    Both uses a process that puts a layer of gold over a base metal. The difference is that gold filledn is a significantly thicker layer of gold. Gold plating is a “dipped” process and gold filled is created by adding heat and pressure to bond the gold making gold filled a superior product. It is an affordable but trusted option to solid gold
  • What does .925 Sterling Silver mean? Are all Silver equal?
    .925 sterling silver is made of 92.5% of pure silver & 7.5% mainly comprises copper, other trace elements. .This is known to be the highest standard in its class for jewelry purposes. All Silvers are not equal. There are different types of silver that indicates the fineness or grades of the silver & are globally recognized. Some product that use the term "silver" indicates the color but does not contain any "silver" compounds. Examples include: Tribal Silver, Tibetan Silver, Nickel Silver
  • Do you offer Gold Plated chains?
    We do not offer Gold Plated chains for the purposes of permanent jewelry. We do offer select charms in 18kt gold plated that is produced and personally curated from the US. The US is known for their higher standards when producing gold plated products and uses quality 18kt solid gold.
  • Do you ship the the United States and Internationally?
    Yes we do. Client is responsible for any duties or taxes.
  • What couriers do you use for Shipping?
    We use Canada Post (since products originate from Canada) and Purolator and offer an expedited service that is most economical for the client.
  • If I am located in the United States, am I responsible for any duties/taxes?
    As Issa Luma Jewelry can not predict applicable duties or taxes that may be issued by the receiving country, the client is responsible for all duties/taxes issued after purchase.
  • What are your shipping rates?
    Canada Canada Post - Regular Mail $5.00 (free shipping over $100.00 before taxes) Canada Post - Expedited $15.00 (free shipping over $125.00 before taxes) Purolator $15.00 (free shipping over $100.00 before taxes) USA Canada Post - Regular Mail $10.00 (free shipping over $100.00 before taxes) Canada Post - Expedited $20.00 (free shipping over $125.00 before taxes) All other countries Canada Post - Regular Mail $20.00 (free shipping over $125.00 before taxes) Shipping rates & services may change at anytime. Accurate rates/services noted at check out.
  • Do you offer local pick up or door to door service?
    If you are located in Ontario, local pick up is available in one of the following two options: 1) during any scheduled Mobile studio event or 2) Buyer/Seller Safe Zone at Peel Police Division 11 Station (Erin Mills Parkway & Dundas, Mississauga) We currently offer in-person shopping of our select products at the following retail locations: Makers - Mapleview Shopping Center, Burlington Makers - Vaughan Mills Shopping Center, Vaughan We recommend contacting us at prior to submitting your order online to ensure we are able to meet your desired pick up date/time. At this time we do not offer door to door delivery, outside of parcel delivery by Canada Post or Purolator.
  • What are order deadlines for Christmas Shipping?
    Refer to Shipping and Returns Page
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