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Handcrafted Fine Jewelry

All handcrafted jewelry measurements are noted in the product description. As each product is handmade, noted measurements are approximate. Allow for a 10% variance.  Natural materials such as pearls, semi-precious stones may also have variations in colors. If you have questions regarding a product, contact us via Chat or Email prior to purchase.

Permanent Jewelry

Refer to documents listed under Permanent Jewelry 


Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is essential to us, any information we collect is deemed necessary to fulfill your online order or request.  Issa Luma Jewelry does not share customer information to any third parties that are not deemed essential to service the customer or order.

Should you decide to join the ILJ Family and/or creating an account, at Issa Luma Jewelry, your information will never be distributed to third-parties. You may unsubscribe from email communications at any time by contacting Issa Luma Jewelry. Allow up to 10 business days to process your unsubscribe request.

If you suspect that your information has been comprised that originated from our website or our transaction,  contact Issa Luma Jewelry immediately. This will allow us to contact our website service provider immediately for further investigation.

We have given great thought in designing our Pop-up Events and appointments that are focused on a client-centric experience allowing for long lasting forever memories. Although we have Terms and Conditions that attempt to mitigate appointment delays, at times delays may occur which may be beyond the control of Issa Luma Jewelry. 


When shopping at one of our Pop-up Events, we welcome everyone to take their time to shop and have the personalized service. During very busy pop-ups we ask all clients for their patience; this will help in making your forever memory. 

Warranties / Returns

Refer to Shipping & Returns

Payment Methods

We gladly accept Visa and MasterCard, Interact Debit Cards, and eTransfers

Unfortunately we do not accept cash, installment or deposit payments, and/or multi-method payments.

eGift Cards

All eGift Cards are:

  • electronically issued (ensure email address is accurate before checking out)

  • denominated in CAD$

  • our eGift cards do not expire - awesome right? 

  • redeemable for online purchases, pop-up markets, or other events

  • are not redeemable for cash

  • once issued, egift cards are final sale, no returns or refunds

  • there is currently no option to check balances on eGift cards; please keep track of your purchases and balances

  • ensure your eGift card is securely and privately kept; lost eGift cards may not be retrievable by Issa Luma Jewelry

  • Issa Luma Jewelry is not responsible for lost, stolen or unauthorized use of gift cards

  • when in doubt contact us; we will gladly answer any questions you may have

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