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Starting at $10.00 you can add charms and connectors that will make your Permanent Jewelry even more personalized and just as unique as you.

  • Round Tag Charm hand stamped - You choose what you want on the Tag Charm.  Options include Alphabet, Numeric, Symbols (one stamp per tag)

  • 14kt Gold Filled and .925 Sterling Silver Charms - Carefully curated and made in the US and Italy

  • Genuine Swarovski Crystals Birthstone Charms - Handcrafted Charm reflecting your Birthstone color or your favorite color

  • Miami Enamel Collection: 18kt gold plated colorful enamel charms imported and made in the US

  • Barcelona Collection: 18kt gold plated charms with crystals/pave stones imported and made in the US

  • Meticulously Handcrafted Charms - Includes pearls, mother of pearl, round beads, and more 

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